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First meeting of founders of America at Work, Inc. and provider network. Created vision and mission of AAW. Initial focus was on the aging workforce (baby-boomers).



Building provider group to serve Veterans, rehabilitated workers, ex-offenders and the functionally disabled.



AAW obtained their 501c3 nonprofit status from both Federal and State governments.



Became a well-known entity in the fight to breakdown workforce barriers. Founders went to Washington DC and spoke to Congressmen Lungren and Herger and also presented AAW to the Veteran's Administration. Senator/ Assemblyman Jim Nielsen championed AAW’s cause and accommodated introductions to



AAW's Board of Directors grows to 6 supportive and respected community leaders. Dr. Alexander Gonzalez Sacramento State University, Sheriff John McGinness, Executive Director Selvi Stanislaus CA State Franchise Tax Board, Dr. Gregory Jenison, CEO Stephen Lard, Genesis Wealth Group, Dr. Marion Woods, Former Director CA Health and Human Services, Captain (now Sheriff) Scott Jones.



AAW was awarded a half a million dollar grant/contract through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) stimulus funding. This was one of the highest amounts awarded to any certified rehabilitation provider in the state of California.                                                            



AAW’s ARRA funding for contract was with Department of Rehabilitation and it opened its doors March 2010 in Mather CA to serve DOR consumers. Later that year AAW opened a satellite office in Roseville CA location on Reserve Dr. serving the Placer County area under the ARRA contract.



AAW procured another ARRA funded and Workforce Investment Act contract with the Employment Training Panel (ETP) for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. The DOR ARRA contract continued through September of 2011. AAW met and/or exceeded projections in contract by serving over 250 DOR consumers. In Oct 2011 AAW became fee-for-service and a Certified Rehabilitation Provider to Dept. of Rehabilitation.



AAW successfully finished its contract with ETP. They trained over 550 employees of 120 different companies in the State of CA. In the Fall of 2012 AAW procured a contract with Alta California Regional Center and also became an Employment Network for Ticket to Work clients. AAW was given opportunity to work with service disabled Veterans through Chapter 31 benefits.



AAW continues to improve and delivers superior services to its clients and rehabilitation counselors. Currently planned are various trainings: computer, personal, vocational, social and life courses as well as CPR, First Aid, Blood-Borne Pathogens, with other trainings on the horizon.



America at Work, Inc. starts the transition ‘back to its roots’ ensuring services we provide are focused and improved to do what we do best. That’s to ensure a thorough process is reestablished following our original business plan that won us the ARRA award in 2009.



America at Work, Inc. is achieving the goals of fast becoming the number one vendor at the Dept. of Rehabilitation for successful job placements and retentions. Also our Employment Preparation Classes are gaining a reputation of excellence, as is our Job Clubs.



AAW moved from its subleased location at Mather to its own office on Fite Circle. Once again proving America at Work is putting America to Work while providing the best practices of the industry. Also our Veteran population of clients have grown three fold from previous years.



We have, so far, accomplished more in 14 months in our new office than the complete time in our other location. Job Clubs have grown threefold, other vendors and state agencies are asking for our Job Clubs to service consumer/clients and job placements and retentions have also increased substantially by using these more streamlined processes. Summer of this year (2017) we are planning on bringing to our service model our programs for private clients needing what we have offered through to DOR exclusively.






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